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Advanced warning is important as winter weather nears

Posted Dec. 19, 2018

graphic promoting NOAA weather radio
NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information.

The National Weather Service is predicting an El Niño weather system in North Central Texas this winter. That normally means warmer than average temperatures and more moisture. The Weather Service stresses that we could still receive an occasional cold front that pushes temperatures into the teens, or possible ice and snow accumulation.

NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio

Winter in North Central Texas is tricky, with high temperatures in the 60s one week and in the teens with a good chance of an ice storm the next week. You really need to stay alert to weather conditions, and your best bet for staying informed is to purchase a NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio. Then check the weather forecasts daily.


If you live or work in Fort Worth, you can receive free emergency alert texts to your cellphone advising you of upcoming severe weather events, areas to avoid due to a manmade accident or act of terrorism, or emergency shelter-in-place or evacuation notices.

The emergency texts are sent from the Fort Worth Fire Department’s Office of Emergency Management, the city department that activates the outdoor warning sirens, and the National Weather Service. If you work in a noisy environment or cannot hear the outdoor warning sirens inside your home or workplace, this is a great way to stay informed.

It’s easy to register in the program. Simply choose the location for which you want the alerts. (This can be your home, workplace, school or a sporting venue.) Then text that location’s ZIP code to 888777. You will receive a confirmation text letting you know that you’ve successfully registered. If you want to receive alerts for multiple ZIP codes, register online.

The Office of Emergency Management broadcasts the text alerts for free. Check with your cell service provider to determine if receiving emergency alert texts will incur additional charges under your service contract.

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